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God Doesn't Try

In God Doesn’t Try, Jim Osman and Dave Rich offer a thought-provoking study of the sovereignty of God applied to soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology. This book challenges Christians to think of God according to His self-revelation as the all-powerful, all-knowing God Who accomplishes His will without attempting orexperimenting.


God Doesn't Whisper

In God Doesn’t Whisper, Pastor Jim Osman examines the assumptions, practices, and proof texts of those who promote a theology of hearing the voice of God. Dig into the texts often cited in defense of trying to hear God speak outside of His written Word. Scripture is clear: God doesn’t whisper.

Selling the Stairway to Heaven

Heaven visitations are all the rage today. A retelling of the sights, sounds, and smells of a supposed trip to Heaven can land an author at the top of the bestseller list and produce enough speaking engagements, morning television appearances, news segments, and interviews on Christian TV and radio to keep him at the top of the bestseller list for quite some time.

The Prosperity of the Wicked

That question has been asked by the redeemed in every age. It seems the more wicked people are, the more they prosper. The righteous suffer affliction while the enemies of God bask in the wealth this world offers. Why is this so? What is God doing through this? Psalm 73 answers these questions in a clear and convicting way.

La Prosperidad de los Impíos

Esa es una pregunta que se han hecho los redimidos en todas las épocas. Parece ser que mientras más impías son las personas, más prosperan. Los justos sufren aflicción, mientras que los enemigos de Dios disfrutan de la riqueza que este mundo ofrece. ¿Por qué esto es así? ¿Qué está haciendo Dios a través de esto? El Salmo 73 responde estas preguntas de manera clara y convincente.

Truth or Territory

What is it and how do we wage it? Many “experts” on spiritual warfare teach a methodology for battling demons, taking territory, and canceling curses that sounds like something you would expect to find in a Harry Potter novel. Practices such as binding and rebuking Satan, canceling generational curses, and spiritual mapping are popular in many Christian circles and taught in many non-charismatic conservative churches. But are they biblical?

Verdad o Territorio

Todo cristiano es llamado a la batalla. ¿Estás capacitado para lucharla? ¿Sabes contra qué estás peleando? ¿Conoces el arma que Dios te ha dado? Verdad o Territorio te va a capacitar para participar en la batalla verdadera – la batalla sobre las mentes de hombres y mujeres.